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a mixture of fashion and n'importe quoi.

new year

By fashionroad · January 18, 2009 · 0 Comments ·



hey buddies sorry for the abscence                   

so how was your holidays?

after a recovery from champagne and ' foie gras' i'm finally back on the road. new objectives and new vision of things.

Santa or my parents gave me nice things. Dont believe in santa anymore... since my brother told me the sad reality when i was young hum...

I still want that canon slr cam to show you how i can deal with a reflex cam but i will have to wait for february. (my b-day)

fashion week is coming and as i can say didn't see crazy things in nyc last week maybe it was too early but aren't fashion people ready for THE event? where

were they? i guss that those of you that are going to nyc soon will see more interesting things than me instead of searching in the web .

well its january and im already thinking of july. yes london and its fun styles.. for the moment i must focus on the internship im searching.

where? dont know tried at vuitton but the manager is obviously going to nyc soon so she can't be there to show me all the things then i have to search for

another place so sad..

life is full of desillusions.! or maybe for a better future to come 

ps: try a list of things u want to do and be stick to it.

fashionroad to serve you mwah xoxo



merry fashmas!

By fashionroad · December 24, 2008 · 0 Comments ·

Well christmas is a period where all of us can wash our souls, be nice, think of all the drama this year was full of and of course all the compulsive buyings we have done especially me. we all have vices no? (it's not about that today) . A new blog in this night of pre christmas and why? maybe it will be a diary or something like that i dont want to be too personal but i think i won't be able to maintain the privacy. So the main problem all the recessionistas are dealing with this year is : how can i be fabulous without paying to much expensive things and look unique in front of all these girls that are having the same idea because unfortunately i'm not the only one to think... I say creativity. it's a nice start and maybe we try to search and avoid publicity that is brainwashing us we will have our own style for christmas and be that little fashion princess you always wanted to be . 

ps: I have been good this year

wishlist done and seems to be successful:

 - blackberry storm

 - flight to nyc in january

 - clothes 

 - make-up 

 - shoes

 - dior bracelet and louis pion watch enjoy the holidays and have a nice boxing day.

  picture: lafayette galeries autumn 2008

before christmas

By fashionroad · December 24, 2008 · 0 Comments ·

christmas is like a fashion show when you show up all the eyes are on you

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